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Tina - The way I heard you sing was through Ice Princess the Soundtrack. I heard that song and loved it right away! You Are GREAT!! I love that song! It's the best I've ever heard anyone sing!!! :D

Name: Madeline Kaus
From: Sarasota - FL, US
Favorite Music: "There Is No Alternative (T.I.N.A.)"
SEEMA - I really appreciate your quotes on self-discipline. It's amazing and very relevent in the present world where it is taking a back seat particularly among the new generation.

Name: Keshri Vikram
From: Pune - Maharashtra, India
Favorite Music: Ghazals, Bhajans
I was just browsing the internet for Indian music groups and came across your website. I thought that this will also be just like other groups where they sing a little and hype too much :) You know what I mean. But after hearing \'Hale Dil\' from Geeta Sugandh, my view has completely changed. She has got superb voice! I really loved this ghazal!

Name: Megha
From: San Francisco - CA, USA
Favorite Music: Hindustani Classical
Tina is an inspiration to every Indian out there. Proud to be Brown Baby! - Abe

Name: Dj Indy -
From: iLLadelphia - PA, USA
Favorite Music: Reggeton, Indy Rock, Hindi Remix, HipHop Remix, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, R N B
hi you are a great singer I heard your song " I.s N.o A.lternative" on the Ice Princess sondtrack all I hear is that song you have such a great voice And it is so cool that we have the same name.

Name: Tina
Favorite Music: Hipop
your music is very heart touching. my good wishes are with all of you

Name: sonali
From: richmond - va
Enjoyed the music and the singing. Thank you.

Name: Dawood
Tina, Seema and their parents are amazing, they are highly talented people. Good luck!!

Name: Satish A. Reddy
From: Chicago - IL
Favorite Music: melody
Hi Seema, I discovered your site way back in 2001 when I was in Hyderbad, when I accidentally found your site while searching for Amitabh Bachchan, now I am in Singapore but the link to that page is lost, can you please restore the link back. It was one of the great places to visit for any Amitabh fan, who has grown up watching Amitabh movies. Thank you, the rest of the site is also very great. Warm Regards

Name: Sudhakaran
From: Singapore
I like this site. Very informative. Keep adding new things as I would love to visit back often.

Name: Ankita Panchal
From: Chicago - IL
Favorite Music: Hindi classical music
This is a very sweet and good story of a wedding and a sweet marriage. ok bye.

Name: vishal
From: amritsar, punjab, india
Favorite Music: mohabbaitain
Hi. I recently launched my site in January. I have been getting some hits by search queries in MSN like etc. I decided to try out and urls to see the sites. My interest is natural, isn't it :-)? I was wonderstruck to see your site. It is really greatly designed. I have not yet explored the site (I am in the process of doing so) but I could not wait to appreciate the site. I would love to know more about you, if you are amenable to it. Ashok

Name: Ashok Kumar Gupta
From: Bhilai, India
Hello!!! My wife & I heard the song Ek Guzarish Hai live in Penn several years ago(1994) and we instantly bought the album after the show. We've been asked by lots of folks where we got this album and who are the singers.
I just love all the songs inc Haule Haule and Bahon Me Gagan.
I was playing your album today and was reminded of you and thought of searching the web... And I found your site.
The site is great... I was looking for more Ghazals, Hindi music... Do you have any other albums apart from Sugandh?
Great to see that Seema has got married. Tina and Seema continue to look stunning... in fact you are all such a beautiful family. Our regards and best wishes, Krishna & Nandini.

Name: Krishna Kumar
From: Hong Kong, HK
Favorite Music: Hindi, classical and film
Tina, saw you play in concert. You are unbelievable.

Name: Sunny
From: NJ
Favorite Music: rap
good site! all the best for the future

Name: junie
From: mumbai, maharastra - india
Favorite Music: alternative rock
Hi there, I like this site very much. It's cool and nice. C Yaa, Byeee.

Name: Sindhu
From: Karachi
Favorite Music: Junoon
Nice page!

From: Denmark
Tina, wish you a Happy Birthday. Jio Hazaro Saal. We love you and your sweet music.

Name: Sushila
From: Dubai, UAE
Favorite Music: yours
I like to hear afghani songs and soft indian songs

Name: najlla habibyar
From: kabul, afghanistan
Favorite Music: indian and afghani songs
I would love to hear your songs.

Name: Dragos Gheorghe
From: Bucharest - Romania
Tina you are the cutest performer I have seen so far.

Name: Bari
From: Lansdale, PA - USA
Hi Seema: I saw your site, it is an excellent one.

Name: Venu Gopal
From: Kodungallur, Kerala - India
Favorite Music: all
Hi Suby, I was just searching for my name (Suby) in GOOGLE and just found another Suby (ie; you (:-D ). Anyway congrats to both of you, Suby and Seema and the new team member... Regards, Suby

Name: Suby
From: Mumbai, Maharashtra - India
Favorite Music: all
Hi, I saw you on IndiaTV news report. Your site and all of you are really great and very wonderful. I am happy to have visited it. All the best, Naveen Sharma

Name: Naveen Sharma
From: Mumbai - India
Favorite Music: Jagjit Singh, Bollywood songs
Dear WONDER~GAL beauteous Tina, Please accept my greetings.I saw your picture in a newspaper and was directed to your website. I have no words to describe your exquisite beauty and accomplishments and talents. Best wishes, Your Ardent Admirer Amarjit Singh Anand

Name: Amarjit Singh Anand
From: Long Island, NY
Your songs are great!

Name: Nayeem Mian Siddique
From: West4 Records
Just got on to your site. Looks gooood.

Name: Sugan Naidoo
From: south africa
Congrats on your achievements!

Name: Jeetendra Parmar
From: NJ
It was indeed a pleasure to go through your website and realize what an incredibly talented family you are! I am glad you have contributed vastly to taking Indian music far beyond the shores of India. Looking forward to hearing you all in person!

Name: Chandramohan
From: Dubai - UAE
Favorite Music: Indian
I was just searching for a friend when I chanced upon your website. Pretty interesting! I will try to get a hold of your music. Cheers, Niraj

From: Brussels, Bruxelles - Belgium
Favorite Music: melody numbers
Hi there, I'm not a connoisseur of music but I feel the lyrics you have composed and the way it is all displayed on your website should be really appreciated. The site is really well made. Great work. Finally I would like to wish you guys all the best in your field and hope things work out really well and the talent reaches every part of the world !! [:-)]

From: Boston, MA - USA
Favorite Music: Jagjit Singh
Hi Tina, My name is Dexter Raghunanan and I'm a tabla student. I stumbled across your fabulous website and am glad to see a successful female tabla player. I am in a tabla class and there are approximately ten girls in that class. You will definitely bring added inspiration to them. Keep up the good work. Dexter

Name:Dexter Raghunanan
From: Trinidad
Hi Tina. You came into my shop in Copenhagen (TownShop) last week. I just want to say that you look real nice on your web pictures! But hope you all the best in the entertainment business. Take care ;-p, Zishan.

From: Copenhagen - Denmark
Intah ho gayi ke kab humare ghar vo aaye. Bethe hai isi intazaar mai ke vo abhi ayye, bus abhi ayye. Janaab, hum badi besabri se aap sab ka NYC mai concert karne ka intazaar kar rahe hai. We are eagerly waiting for your concert in NYC.

From: NY
Favorite Music: Ghazals
Hello Sugandh Family! Best wishes for your love and life for music! Dishant - Yet another Hindi Music Fan!

Name:Dishant Shah
From: Enfield, CT - USA
Favorite Music:
Namaste, Your site and Seema’s is really nice. Jai Shree Krishna, Raj Khuti.

Name: Raj Khuti
From: Leicester - GB
You have a lovely webpage. I enjoyed my stay there. I'll visit again. Keep up the great work.

Name: Abhijit Dharmadhikari
From: Bombay, MAH - India
Favorite Music: Hindustani, Classical
Just... beautiful

Name:Hugo Z Gonzalez (Hugo y Liliana)
From: Valencia, Venezuela
Favorite Music: Haule Haule
Happy Anniversary Geeta Auntie and Kanaiya Uncle!!! We miss you so much now that you've all moved. Can't wait to see your talent on stage many, many, many more times!

Name:Ruksana Ali
From: NY - USA
Good Afternoon to you and your family Tina, I was just surfing the net about Tabla/Singing etc and noticed that there is a female Tabla player in this world and decided to write to you to show my support. You are beautiful and talented musician. Not many people in this world have this combination of qualities. My best to you and your family.

Name:Surinder Nandhra
From: Cambridge - England
Favorite Music: JAGJIT SINGH
I am very interested in seeing you in concert.

Name:gaurav ghosh
From: Calcutta - India
Hi, I very much enjoy what your doing musically. The sound is innovative.

Name:Lee Boice <>
From: FL - USA
Favorite Music: Eclectic music combining pop, urban New Age and World Fusion elements. Indian rhythms with Latin and Hip Hop grooves and the creation of textured sound scapes with guitar, synth and percussion. I have recently signed contracts with Indian Classical music legend Ustad Sultan Khan to use samples of his Sarangi in my recent compositions.
Hey Tina! I love all your songs especially "You've Got Your Eyes On Me". I love all your songs so much! You are my favorite singer!

Name: Priya Vijapura
This website is Marvellous. I've played tabla since I was 8. Good to know that a beautiful girl like Tina plays tabla. I didn't know about Sugandh family until I saw this website. You all are very impressive.

Name: Suketu Naik
From: Logan, UT - USA
Favorite Music: House, Trance, Rap, Hindustani, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Punk Rock, Western, Classical
Nice work Tina! I also play the drums and jazz kit mostly. It's nice to see someone else very passionate about percussion. Best of luck. Prem

Name:Prem Saggar
From: NJ - USA
Hi Tina, I'm an independent filmmaker from NJ, and am in post-production with my feature film. I've been trying to contact you for a while to see if we could use a track from your album, or even do a new track for use in our film. Please do get in touch if only to let me know you got my email. For information on the film, do give me a call at the number below, and you can also check out the website. Thanks. Ciao! Nikhil

Name: Nikhil Kamkolkar
From: NJ - USA
Hi Professor Sugandh, A cool web page of your family you got there. Aaapka aur aapke family ka web page bahut hi interesting aur laa jawab hai. Mujhe Seema ji ki shaadi ki tasweere bahut pasand ayi. Mai bhi agle saal shaadi kar rahahi hu. Very impressive.

Name: Moreen Gaunder <>
From: CA - USA
Favorite Music: Romantic Hindi Music
hi there. I had been to your web site. It's really cool. best regards, jeevi

Name:Venkat Ramana (Jeevi) <>
Wish to hear you all someday.

Name:Ashok Kripalani <>
From: FL - USA
Favorite Music: ghazals, songs Hindi and Sindhi
Dear Tina: I am very glad to see your home page. I am west of China. I love India music very much.

Name: Shouke
I saw Seema's wedding picture and I saw the little cake bride and groom wearing Indian clothing and would love to know where you got it.

Name:Vikas Mohindra
From: NY
Favorite Music: all types
peace, much love

Name:Geeta Citygirl Chopra <>
Thank you for your great webb-site. I particularly enjoyed Seema's.

Name: Arshad Khan
Hello, Recently, I visited your website which I found to be very appealing and entertaining. I reside in NJ itself and have a great passion for Indian music. Thank you, Dev.

Name: Dev Cham
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 14:35:20 (EDT)
Tina, I think "You've Got Your Eyes On Me" is very, very good and if it's not already on the charts it should be. All the best to you and your family.

Name: Louise Kew <>
From: Birmingham, UK
Favorite Music: love songs
Tina, best of luck. You have a sweet and melodious voice. Jasvinder Singh

Name: Jasvinder Singh <>
From: Mumbai, India
Favorite Music: Shart yeh hai muskuratey jaeyee
Nice and impressive web page.

Name: Aamer Ikram <>
From: Pakistan
Favorite Music: Instrumental
Date: Friday, February 01, 2002 04:10:05 (EDT)
Dear Sir, I visited your web-site and I enjoyed it. Thank you very much, Sandip Bhattacharya

Name: Sandip Bhattacharya
Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 23:37:14 (EDT)
Dear Tina, Recently I got a chance to go through your web site and happy to read about your success in music in "India Today" news magazine. I wish you a great success for your future events and productions.

Name: Prasad Nair
Favorite Music: Saibaba bhajans or songs
Hi Tina, I saw your site and music too. It is really cool to know you and your whole family are involved in music. You have a cool voice and I liked it. This "Haule Haule" song is composed by you and also sung by you? It's just facinating. All the best and have a nice day. Ciao

Name: Saru
From: Bangalore - India
My dear Geeta, Sugandh and family, I wish you all a very happy new year. May 2002 be filled with fabulous and melodious memories for your family. I also want to take this opportunity to express how much I enjoyed meeting you all in Los Angeles. You are the best couple I met and have carried with me as friends from L.A. Should you ever come to Boston, please do get in touch with me. Infact, stay with me as I have lots of room and it would be an honour to host you. Warmest regards, Zeenat

Name: Zeenat
From: Boston, MA - USA

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